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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Courts - The Constitution in 2014: the state of same-sex marriage

Another overview this morning, this one by Lyle Denniston, writing in Constitution Daily. It begins:

The campaign to win marriage rights for same-sex couples that began somewhat hesitantly in Hawaii more than twenty years ago burst forth in 2013 into something close to a constitutional revolution. The year 2014 very likely will take the issue back to the Supreme Court even as efforts continue to advance the campaign at the state level.

As 2013 opened, a decade after the first definite victory in Massachusetts, a total of nine states and Washington, D.C., had opened marriage to same-sex couples either by court decision, legislation, or ballot measure. For the first time, the ballot box became a place for victory, not defeat, for same-sex marriage as the November 12 elections showed the issue could win in a popular test, and did so in three states – Maine, Maryland and Washington.

As 2013 closed, the total had reached 17 states, and there was at least a first-round court victory in an eighteenth — Utah. The pace has been more rapid than for any prior campaign to promote the civil rights of a specific group, such as racial minorities and women.

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