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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Environment - Asian carp back on the front page

Well, on p. 10 of the NY Times today. Michael Wines' story includes a great photo plus a link to the massive, multi-part Army Corps of Engineers report released yesterday. I read the introductory page, it is not encouraging, more study and more study ... The NYT story begins:

The most effective methods of keeping Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes via Chicago’s web of waterways could cost up to $18.4 billion and take 25 years to put in place, the federal Army Corps of Engineers concluded in a study released Monday.

The agency’s 210-page study, first ordered by Congress in 2007, laid out eight options to prevent the carp and other unwanted species from entering Lake Michigan, ranging from continuing existing efforts to building barriers that would seal the lake from the five Chicago-area streams that are linked to it.

Either blocking the lakefront waterways or blocking their two sources further inland would offer the greatest protection from invading species, the report said. But both options would prevent barges and other boats from using those routes, and would increase pollution in the lake and the waterways.

Most of the other options would be cheaper and would preserve some access to the lake, but would be somewhat less effective.The report arrived amid growing concern that some so-called nuisance species, led by two strains of the carp, may already have bypassed existing barriers and entered Lake Michigan. The carp, which multiply quickly and eat huge amounts of plankton, are seen as a threat to commercial and sport fish that feed on plankton during at least some stages of their lives.

NPR's Morning Edition today has a nearly 4-minute story headed "Great Lakes Solution To Asian Carp Issue Would Be Costly."

"Eagle Marsh plan not part of carp study" is the heading of a story in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette this morning by Brian Francisco.

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