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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ind. Decisions - More on: 7th Circuit reversed Annex Books yesterday, the oral argument was the week before

Updating this ILB report from last Sat., Jan. 25th, the Indianapolis Star reports today, in a long story by Tim Evans that begins:

A federal court has struck down an Indianapolis ordinance limiting the hours of adult bookstores, the latest in a decades-long series of local regulatory and law enforcement maneuvers taking aim at adult businesses.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit overturned a district court ruling that ­upheld a 2003 city ordinance requiring adult bookstores to be closed from midnight to 10 a.m. daily and all day on Sundays.

The federal ruling Friday came in a challenge mounted by four businesses affected by the city rules: Annex Books, Keystone Video and News, ­Lafayette Video & News and New Flicks, which is now out of business.

“This is an important victory for freedom of speech ­under the First Amendment,” said J. Michael Murray, a Cleveland attorney representing the bookstores.

“When a government singles out a business by its content, stores that sell a certain type of literature, magazines and DVDs, it implicates the First Amendment, and the city has to justify that the ordinance furthers a legitimate government interest. ... In this case, the city could not meet that burden.”

ILB: On Jan. 22nd the ILB wrote:
The ILB has lost track of the various manifestations of Annex Books (long list of entries here).
Indianapolis taxpayers paid for all that ligitation.

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