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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ind. Decisions - SCOTUS rules "Steelworkers will not get back pay for suiting up before their shifts"

Joseph S. Pete reports in the NWI Times in a long story that begins:

GARY | The nation's highest court has ruled Northwest Indiana steelworkers should not get back pay for the time they spent putting on hard hats and other protective gear before clocking in, or taking it off at the end of the shift.

U.S. Steel has prevailed in an eight-year legal battle that began at Gary Works and ended up being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court last fall. The court ruled unanimously against 800 current and former steelworkers who argued they should be paid for putting on safety glasses, respirators, ear plugs and other protective gear, as well as for the time it takes to get from the locker room to their work stations on the sprawling mill that stretches along seven miles of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The opinion was Sandifer v. U.S. Steel Corp., "in which the Court was considering what constitutes 'changing clothes' for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act," per SCOTUSblog.

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