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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Long moves gay-marriage amendment to Senate Rules Committee"

Niki Kelly reports this afternoon for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette that:

Senate President Pro Tem David Long, R-Fort Wayne, has moved the gay-marriage amendment to the Senate Rules Committee for hearing early the week of Feb. 10.

He announced the move Thursday, which went against statements he made last week, in which he was adamant the bill would go to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Long said he did not think the amendment would stall there, but that the Rules Committee was more representative of leadership of the chamber and a better place for it to be handled. * * *

Long said it is his preference that the amendment remain the same in committee, but that any changes can be offered in the Senate on second reading. None will be blocked.

Long would not say how he personally feels about whether the second sentence should be restored. * * *

“It’s a matter of when, not if,” Long said.

Megan Robertson, campaign manager for the bipartisan Freedom Indiana coalition fighting the proposal, didn’t agree with Long that it is a foregone conclusion the amendment will eventually pass two separately elected General Assemblies.

She pointed to how much support the amendment lost in the House since 2011, going from 70 yes votes to 57.

“After this session there’s not much appetite to do this,” Robertson said, noting public sentiment is shifting quickly.

Long conceded the debate about House Joint Resolution 3 “is a distraction, as any high-profile issue is.”

[More] See also, Potential delay of HJR-3 came from unexpected source," from Dave Bangert of the Lafayette Journal Courier.

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