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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - Same sex marriage issue makes Indiana a key 2014 election battleground

Larry M. Elkin has this post at the financial blog, WallStreetPit. It is headed "Indiana Marriage Measure Tests GOP Electability." Some quotes:

But Republicans everywhere ought to pay close attention to Indiana this winter, as the GOP-led Legislature deals with an anti-gay-marriage measure whose passage could hurt the party’s national brand and extinguish Republican hopes of taking the Senate. * * *

Republicans have a big problem with same-sex marriage. Social conservatives opposed to gay marriage still make up a sizable slice of the GOP base, and most Republican incumbents have longstanding histories of opposing marriage equality. But nationally, acceptance of gay marriage has grown so rapidly that the anti-marriage position, which only three or four years ago was the politically safe one, has become political quicksand. * * *

Just across the state’s western border, Illinois legalized same-sex marriage last year, with the first resulting ceremony in late November. Minnesota legalized the practice last year too. Iowa has allowed same-sex marriage since 2009. A federal judge in the state’s eastern neighbor, Ohio, found that same-sex marriages should be recognized on death certificates.

Beyond geography, courts nationwide have signaled deep skepticism over whether any state bans have a chance of surviving indefinitely, even though the U.S. Supreme Court has not (yet) struck down state constitutional bans or the relevant section of the Defense of Marriage Act. * * *

It is against this backdrop that Indiana Republicans find themselves in a dilemma. Indiana will hold its primaries in May, and Republicans could face backlash from social conservatives if they do not push the amendment forward. On the other hand, opposing same-sex marriage is becoming an increasing handicap in general elections, even in states like Indiana.

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