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Monday, January 20, 2014

Law - "Kentucky disbarred lawyers face career, personal hurdles"

Andrew Wolfson's long story for the Louisville Courier Journal has been reprinted in USA Today. The fascinating story begins:

LOUISVILLE — They are outcasts — stripped of their licenses, their livelihoods and their identity as professionals; some lose their homes, their cars and even their spouses.

"It's almost like you don't know who you are," said Robert Treadway, a Harvard Law School graduate who was once a partner at one of Kentucky's largest law firms. Now he is among 82 Kentucky lawyers who have been disbarred during the last 10 years.

Their ranks include some of the state's most successful and brilliant former attorneys who now are barred from making their living practicing law.

Nobody is saying they didn't deserve their sanctions, but what do they do with the rest of their lives? How do they try to support — and possibly redeem — themselves?

One disbarred attorney teaches part time at the University of Louisville, while another sold used cars for a while. A third has built a legal-publishing empire, while a fourth calls himself "The Legal Ghost" and writes briefs for licensed attorneys. Others retire early.

A second long story, also by Wolfson, is headed "Some other examples of how lawyers have handled disbarment," and is equally of interest.

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