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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Courts - "Administrative judge was disbarred in 1998 but continued to work"

He had been disbarred in Indiana, but continued to work as an administrative law judge in the District of Columbia, "even though municipal regulations required workers' comp judges in Washington, D.C., to have a law license," reports the ABA Blog. Anand Verma was disbarred by the Indiana Supreme Court in 1998.

The entire report can be found in a very long Feb. 21st story by Jeffrey Anderson in the Washington City Paper, headed "Why did D.C. let a disbarred lawyer serve as a workers' comp judge?" A quote from about half-way through the story:

In 1984, Anand K. Verma was admitted to the Indiana State Bar Association [ILB - sic] under the name Anand K. Rajan. The next year, he submitted a job application to an insurance company, in which he falsified his date of birth and the dates he attended undergraduate and graduate school in India and the United States, according to the Indiana court’s 1998 ruling.

Verma also submitted a letter from the National Law Center at George Washington University that was altered to incorrectly state his dates of attendance, and a purported transcript that misrepresented his dates of birth and attendance at other universities, the court found.

The court suspended Verma’s bar license for one year, but his problems weren’t over.

In 1998, the same court found that Verma made false statements on bar applications in Pennsylvania and Maryland. On the Pennsylvania application, court records show that Verma falsely claimed to have practiced law in Indiana from 1985 to 1992, though he actually lived in California, Pennsylvania, and D.C. during that time.

On his Maryland application, the court ruling states, Verma “procured or forged” a signature of a “David Rivera,” allegedly a member of the Minnesota bar who claimed Verma practiced law in D.C. in 1993. On Verma’s own application, however, he states that he did not practice law in D.C. during that period, the court found. The Minnesota Bar shows no record of a “David Rivera.”

A 1994 letter Verma sent to Maryland bar officials also misrepresented the extent of his prior discipline in Indiana and falsely stated that he never had a formal hearing there, the court found.

In disbarring Verma, the Indiana justices said, “We view him as unable, truthfully and within the bounds of basic precepts of professional ethics, to represent the causes of others as an officer of this court.”

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