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Friday, February 28, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Fate of participants in suspended Clark County Drug Court in question until State acts"

Charlie White reports in a long Louisville Courier Journal story today - some quotes:

Two weeks after the Clark County Drug Court was suspended indefinitely, county officials are still unsure of the futures for those in the now defunct treatment program.

County officials hope a decision will be made soon, fearing the estimated 75 defendants in limbo could relapse on heroin, methamphetamine or other drugs in anticipation of being sent to prison. * * *

The program was suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Judicial Center following allegations of unlawful conduct by drug court staff and practices harmful to participants.

The agreement signed by eachdrug court participant allowed most of them to avoid prison time for offenses related to their addictions, but also required submitting to frequent drug tests, counseling and having their homes searched at any time by drug court staff.

Any new violations of the conditions of drug court agreements signed by defendants likely would result in cases being put back on the criminal court docket, Stewart said.

But the question is how many people currently in drug court will be permitted to continue with their treatment, he added.

“We fear it could be destroying a viable program,” said Larry Wilder, the attorney defending Clark Circuit Judge Jerry Jacobi and other county defendants named in a federal civil-rights lawsuit with ties to drug court.

The lengthy LCJ story fills in the background for those who have not been following this issue. It also includes an audio, that comes on automatically, with this caption:
Clark County Drug Court Judge Jerry Jacobi sentenced Destiny Hoffman to 48 hours in jail on August 22, 2013, pending evaluation for her second diluted drug test. She ended up spending about five months in jail and the evaluation never happened.
Finally, the story includes a link to the 46-page class-action complaint filed in federal court, against against the Defendants, Judge Jerome F. Jacobi, Susan Knoebel, Jeremy Snelling, Henry Ford, Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden, and others.

Here is a list of earlier ILB entries on the Clark County drug court.

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