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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Ind. Law - "Indiana bill could put bondsmen back in business"

Story and video today at WNDU South Bend, by Mark Peterson. Some quotes:

A bill before the Indiana General Assembly promises to put bail bondsmen back in business in St. Joseph County (and in other places where their services are seldom, if ever, used).

34 Indiana counties currently do not allow surety bonds—like those provided by bondsmen.

Supporters of SB 395 say it’s a matter of public safety. “It really should be in your best interest to someone who is living in the community to know that when someone is charged with a crime and they’re released from jail pending trial that you would want to know that they, someone is guaranteeing that they appear back to court,” said Mike Whitlock with American Surety Company in Indianapolis.

Some other ILB entries on bail bonds, including this one from Sept. 6, 2013, headed "St. Joe County's bail bond system offers little incentive to appear in court."

Posted by Marcia Oddi on February 6, 2014 09:28 AM
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