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Monday, March 24, 2014

Courts - "Contraception Ruling Could Have Reach Far Beyond Women’s Rights"

Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties will be argued tomorrow before the SCOTUS. The ILB has had a number of posts on Hobby Lobby in the past, particularly significant because on Nov. 8, 2013 the 7th Circuit issued a consolidated opinion in the Grote (SD Ind, Barker) and the Korte (SD Ill.) challenges to the affordable health care act "contraception mandate". The 7th Circuit ruled 2-1 that the two corporations could challenge the contraception mandate. Here are ILB Korte/Grote posts. The SCOTUS opinion on tomorrow's oral arguments will impact these 7th Circuit rulings.

Here is Lyle Denniston's lengthy argument preview, headed "Religion, rights, and the workplace."

How Appealing has at least three posts compiling many news reports on tomorrow's argument. This one is from this morning. This one is from Sunday. This v-e-r-y long list is from Saturday, March 22nd.

"Contraception Ruling Could Have Reach Far Beyond Women’s Rights" is the title to this article today by Adam Liptak of the NYT. A sample:

“If Hobby Lobby were to prevail, the consequences would extend far beyond the issue of contraception,” said Walter Dellinger, a former acting United States solicitor general who filed a brief urging the court to uphold the law.

Objections to laws based on religious beliefs can arise in many settings, and supporters of the coverage requirement say a ruling for the company could frustrate the enforcement of laws addressing health, safety and civil rights.

“We would be entering a new world in which, for the first time, commercial enterprises could successfully claim religious exemptions from laws that govern everyone else,” Mr. Dellinger said. “A win for Hobby Lobby could turn out to be a significant setback for gay rights.”

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