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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Environment - Lake Co. surveyor won't give Illiana pass on environmental regulations"

Bill Dolan reports in today's NWI Times:

CROWN POINT | Lake Surveyor Bill Emerson Jr. said Wednesday he will not relax the county's stormwater drainage regulations for the proposed Illiana Expressway.

The surveyor publicly released his statement to the Indiana Department of Transportation in response to the state's request he not require the highway's developer comply with every detail in the county's stormwater management and clean water regulations.

HNTB, a Midwest engineering firm working on the project asked Emerson to use his authority to alter the standards on drainage ditches, detention basins, flood plain storage and the amount of water that can be released back into the environment by man-made storage facilities after a heavy rain.

HNTB said those standards could require larger bridges and increase the cost of the project.

Emerson said he couldn't go along with that. "The Lake County Surveyor's office will review any request for waivers on a case-by-case basis ... after a thorough review of the project specifications."

In an earlier unrelated story about the surveyor, Dolan reported:

CROWN POINT | Lake County Surveyor Bill Emerson Jr. has posted online the location of hundreds of official surveying monuments to make his office's documents more available to the public.

Emerson said Monday the new service will primarily aid professional surveyors in mapping sections of the county for purposes of future economic development. The monuments form a grid surveyors use to mark property lines.

The documents are a series of maps of the location of each of hundreds of official monuments in relation to visible landmarks, such as roads, fire hydrants or utility towers.

Emerson said, "This is in line with my policy of putting as much information online and (making) it as accessible as possible.

"Surveyors are always looking for a section corner, which shows them where their survey should begin to be accurate. Before this was online, if they were doing a survey in Whiting or Hammond, they had to drive down to Crown Point to see the card before they could move forward. It saves them time," he said.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on March 20, 2014 10:25 AM
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