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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ind. Courts - More on the Judicial Technology Oversight Committee Tuesday, March 18

As reported in this ILB post on March 19th about that day's meeting of the JTOC:

David Pippen then gave a summary of the Practitioner Survey conducted by the Indiana State Bar Association. There were about 900 responses, coming from a wide spectrum of practice types. Over 50% of the respondents were either solo practitioners or from firms with fewer than 10 attorneys. 96% of the attorneys had the capability of creating .pdf documents. 50% were users of the federal court’s PACER system. Respondents overwhelmingly favored instant, 24-hour, online access to court documents and the ability to file electronically. Pippen said the full details from the survey will be posted online, but did not say exactly where.
These survey results have now been posted by the ISBA. Access them here. Of particular interest are the compiled answers to questions, such as Q 23.

Here are committee member David Pippen's comments to the ILB on the March 19th meeting (Pippen was appointed to represent Indiana attorneys):

The discussion of objective really was the meat of what we are trying to get figured out. Justice Massa referred to the statutory language… recommendation to the Court to decide what, if anything will be done with it. Representative Braun argued for functionality – “Best in Class” and clearly sees market competition as the pathway to that functionality. Representative Pierce noted the differing and opposing dynamics at work; the Supremes’ desires, different county officials’ desires and the legislative opinion of what should be done. He noted there are many different business models and we need to determine to which opinion/desire we are catering.

I think we will see more background as to purpose of JTAC and its financials next time to better understand what the Supremes want. That should help drive the discussion of what we may be asking a consultant to do…before we spend money asking them what they should tell us.

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