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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ind. Decisions - "Judge recommends reprimand for Alexander"

As far as the ILB knows, findings of hearing officers in attorney disciplinary cases are public, but unfortunately not generally accessible online from the Courts site. For instance, the findings in the Devlin case Friday are "incorporated by reference" in the Supreme Court ruling, but not readily available to the public.

Occasionally, a newspaper reports on the hearing officer recommendations. This happened with the Kimberly Brown judicial disciplinary hearing, where the masters' findings of fact were made available to the press.

Today Douglas Walker reports in the Muncie Star-Press that begins:

MUNCIE — A Wayne County judge has recommended that the Indiana Supreme Court publicly reprimand — but not suspend from the practice of law— local attorney Michael J. Alexander.

Wayne Superior Court 3 Judge Darren Dolehanty — appointed hearing officer after a disciplinary complaint was filed against Alexander in January 2013 — issued his findings and recommendations to the state Supreme Court on Friday.

Dolehanty noted that the alleged misconduct — which Alexander largely admitted to at a Feb. 28 hearing — “happened several years ago,” adding that he had no reason to believe the Muncie attorney had committed additional rule violations in the years since. * * *

The final decision on Alexander’s fate rests with the Supreme Court, which is not bound by Dolehanty’s suggestions. In some other local disciplinary cases, the Supreme Court has taken final action several months after receiving a hearing officer’s report.

One of the complaints against Alexander focused on his representation of a local couple in their lawsuit against Outback Steakhouse.

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