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Monday, March 17, 2014

Ind. Law - N.E.2 phased out; or, marking a milestone in time

Prof. Joel Schumm sent me this note:

I think sometime earlier this year 999 N.E.2d filled and we now have N.E.3d. It's a little odd to see the citations in briefs and opinions.
The ILB asked the crack librarians at the Supreme Court for the periods of time covered by NE, and NE2d. The quick response:More on the 1st series:
1 N.E. 1 Feb. 24, 1885 filed (title page says July 17-Sep 25, 1885, though), begins with State ex rel. Ottenberger v. Hawes

The 1st series ended with 200 N.E. 926 April 2, 1936, Avery v. Forand

More on the 2nd series:
1 N.E.2d 1 April 1, 1936, begins with Doyle v. Goldberg

The 2nd series ended with 999 N.E.2d 1247, Advance sheet dated Jan 29, 2014, Spangler v. Stark County Dog Warden (Oct. 28, 2013) (Ohio)

The Ind. SCt Library has up to volume 996 in print for the 2d series.

More on the 3rd series
1 N.E.3d 1 Advance sheet dated Feb. 5, 2014, People v. Mineau (Nov 6, 2012) (Illinois)
Those of you who have never pulled down volumes of Reporters from the shelves may have trouble visualizing all this...

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