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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Community Concerned About Brown Co. Courthouse Expansion"

Updating this ILB post from Sept. 15, 2013, headed "Petitioners ax plans to fix Brown County Courthouse," Will Healey of Indiana Public Media reported April 1:

More than 50 Brown County residents attended a Community Conversation last night to discuss the future of the Brown County Courthouse.

A committee of residents and government officials presented research on the project to the public who signed petitions of remonstrance to block a Courthouse renovation plan put forward by the County Commissioners last fall. Residents were concerned over the location, cost, and how fast the proposed project was moving.

President of the Brown County Commissioners John Kennard says this conversation was about making sure the citizens of Brown County are well-informed this time around.

“What had happened the first time that we did this which was nine months ago, the time limits were so short, and that’s an excuse but it’s a fact, that we did not have the time to educate the public on what the plusses and minuses were,” Kennard said.

Among the findings presented, were the pros and cons of the three options on the table: keep the status quo, renovate and add on to the current courthouse, or build a new courthouse next to the Brown County Jail and Law Enforcement Center.

Those in attendance shared a wide array of concerns, including parking needs at the proposed LEC site, whether a new, larger courthouse was really necessary, and what would come of the historic courthouse if a new one is built.

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