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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ind. Courts - "David Camm speaks to ISU students about wrongful conviction"

Grace Schneider of the Louisville Courier Journal has a long story, with video (although I can't get them to play in this Indianapolis Star version), on David Camm's to a criminology class at Indiana State University Wednesday. Some quotes:

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – In his first public speaking appearance since he was acquitted of murdering his wife and two children last October, David Camm said he's trying to rebuild his life — despite the 13 years he spent behind bars.

The former Indiana State Police trooper spoke to a wrongful convictions criminology class at Indiana State University Wednesday. He looked trimmer, having lost 40 pounds since his release, and said he's trying to stay focused on regaining his health, physically and emotionally. * * *

In the third trial, Camm said his lawyers hired experts whose "hard science" debunked the crime-scene reconstruction witnesses and blood-spatter experts which the prosecution employed. He said he got more of a fair shake during the trial because Special Prosecutor Stan Levco "was held to the letter of the law."

The most dramatic moment of his 35-minute talk came when a student asked a question about when the jury returned its verdict last fall. He said he looked into the faces of the jurors and a few smiled at him as they entered the courtroom and took their seats.

But he refused to think he might be acquitted. "I'm waiting to hear three 'Nots.' When I heard that third 'not' I realized it was over," he said.

The class burst into applause.

Camm said afterward that he is talking with a Louisville law firm about suing former Prosecutor Stan Faith and possibly others for their negligence in handling his case. "Things are [happening] as we speak," Camm said, declining to say when a suit may be filed.

He is currently embroiled in civil litigation that his former in-laws, Janice and Frank Renn, filed actions years ago to prevent him from recovering more than $600,000 in life insurance and 401K fund stemming from his family's death.

The Renns' lawyer had contended that Camm wasn't entitled to the money because he was responsible for the murders. Now that he's been acquitted, Camm said, "we're attempted to resolve it."

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