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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Judge: Killer must cover tattoo before 3rd trial"

From the Louisville Courier Journal this morning:

A Floyd County judge on Monday ordered William Clyde Gibson to grow out his hair to cover a tattoo saying “Death Row X3” before his June trial in the murder of a Charlestown woman.

Floyd Superior Court Judge Susan Orth issued the order during a pretrial hearing for Gibson, 56, of New Albany, who faces the death penalty in the murder of Stephanie Kirk, 35, of Charlestown.

This March 20th LCJ story by Grace Schneider tells more about the the tattoo. Some quotes:
Thursday’s hearing [March 20th] exposed a new tattoo — “death row x 3” imprinted on the back of Gibson’s shaved head. That posed legal questions for [Judge] Orth whose role is to ensure Gibson receives fair trials and that all proceedings are free of incriminating signs or messages, even ones the defendant has had inscribed on himself.

It’s a problem because “that could prejudice a jury,” [Prosecutor] Henderson said, adding that the only solution may be to force Gibson to grow out his hair to cover the dark blue letter.

Orth ordered Gibson to remain in the Floyd County jail, delaying his return to state’s Death Row in Michigan City while she researches the matter. She also ordered Gibson be given no haircuts or sharp objects.

Floyd Sheriff Darrell Mills said he met with Orth and Henderson about the inscription, adding that he’s certain Gibson could not have given such a well fashioned tattoo to himself. Also, he couldn’t have had it etched while he’s been in Floyd’s custody because he’s kept in a solitary cell and escorted anywhere by two to three officers as a precaution after “many threats against my staff.”

“There are some issues with it,” Mills said of the tattoo. “What a dumbass.”

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