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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ind. Decisions - "Court of Appeals decision creates uncertainty for Lake County adoptions"

Some quotes from Bill Dolan's story today in the NWI Times:

CROWN POINT | Local judges are changing their court procedures in the wake of a ruling that could unsettle the validity of hundreds of Lake County adoptions.

Beginning this week, Lake Juvenile Court will no longer hear petitions for adoptions or guardianships over minors, under orders signed by Circuit Court Judge George Paras and Chief Superior Court Judge Jon Pera.

Instead, those cases now will be filed either in Lake Circuit Court or Lake Superior Court, Civil Division.

This reverses 14 years of Superior Court policy to keep adoptions and guardianships in juvenile court, which oversees other family law cases such as child abuse and neglect cases, and disputes over paternity and child support.

It also signals concern about whether the old policy creates technical defects in adoptions the juvenile court had approved since 2000. The Indiana Department of Child Services recently expressed concern these hundreds of adoptions are "at risk," according to a court of appeals document.

The Court of Appeals opinion, filed March 12, 2014 (and not identified in the story), is In re the Adoption of: J.T.D. & J.S. (Minor Children), Children to be Adopted, and N.E. (Prospective Adoptive Parent) v. Indiana Department of Child Services .

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