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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Backyard Chickens Growing In Popularity Among Hoosiers"

Mary Kuhlman of the Indiana News Service reported on April 17:

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Raising chickens in the city is becoming increasingly popular as more Hoosiers move toward eating locally.

Goshen officials this week reversed an earlier decision and will allow residents to raise chickens at their homes.

Karen Schulte-Coman helped get a similar ordinance passed in South Bend. She says her family raises chickens because they are an easy, fresh food source and promote sustainability. * * *

Other cities with ordinances allowing chickens include Evansville, Indianapolis and Bloomington.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the NY Times ran a story by Corey Kilgannon, titled "In Queens, Chickens Clash With the Rules." The long story begins:
Sylvia Saye held a basket of multicolored eggs.

“We won’t need to color them this year,” she said, looking at the eggs, which were already a pretty mix of blonde, tan, brown and light blue — and fresh from the henhouse on the side of her home in Queens.

Keeping chickens in New York City has become a popular hobby, especially in precincts of Brooklyn where foodies and do-it-yourselfers prize locally grown food. Ms. Saye, 48, bought a dozen heritage chickens last July to provide free-range eggs for her daughter, Scarlett, 5, because she wants to serve foods that are free of hormones.

“I got them for nutritional reasons,” Ms. Saye said. “You can’t buy these eggs in a supermarket.”

Ms. Saye bought a $2,500 coop and had fencing installed to protect the chickens from predators. But a month ago, she learned of a different type of threat to her chickens: the stringent restrictions that homeowners in her neighborhood are supposed to abide by.

Ms. Saye lives in Forest Hills Gardens, a private neighborhood nestled in one of the more pristine sections of New York City. It is renowned for its stately country garden style, multimillion-dollar Tudor and Georgian homes, and for its strict regulations, which forbid the keeping of backyard chickens.

ILB: The ILB has had a long list of urban chicken entries, here are some of them.

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