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Monday, April 07, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Hogsett is committed to routing out corruption" but who is the "bribe-taking state court judge"?

The quotes are from CNHI's Maureen Hayden's story April 4th in the Rushville Republican. It begins [ILB emphasis]:

INDIANAPOLIS – Joe Hogsett was being vetted for the job of U.S. Attorney four years ago when he asked a federal judge for advice.

That judge observed that there hadn’t been a high-profile public corruption case in the southern district of Indiana since the early 1990s, when federal investigators separately brought down a bribe-taking state court judge and a well-connected union president caught skimming dues.

The judge cited two possibilities for the dearth of corruption cases, Hogsett recounted recently: “One, we have the most honest, ethical, above-the-board public officials in the entire land. Or, two, somebody is asleep at the switch.”

ILB: Well, that caught my eye! "A bribe-taking state court judge"?

Turns out it was a bribe-taking Marion County Superior Court judge, Michael T. Dugan II. Here is the May 15, 1990 7th Circuit opinion in United States v. Michael T. Dugan, II, detailing his offenses. As I recall, Mr. Dugan was in my law school class in the late 1960s.

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