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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "New sentencing laws prompt local worries around state" [Updated]

Maureen Hayden of CNHI Indiana Statehouse Bureau has a long story today in the Greensburg Daily News and the Logansport Pharos Tribune on Indiana's new sentencing laws which go into effect July 1. From "page 2" of the 4 "page" story:

It’s unclear how many offenders will be diverted out of state prisons when the new sentencing legislation goes into effect. But a January study, done for the Legislature by the American Institutes for Research, predicts the impact on local communities will be significant.

The study estimates more than 14,000 offenders could be diverted out of state prisons and back into local communities every year if judges take full advantage of the new sentencing rules.

The study authors also found many communities aren’t ready: Many, especially in rural counties, lack access to treatment programs for addicts. Others have community corrections programs already operating at or near capacity. The study found less than 25 percent of Indiana’s county jails have the capacity to “fully absorb” the impact of the new sentencing laws.

The ILB has been unable to locate this study online.

[Updated at 10:40 AM]
Thanks to reporter Hayden, who has sent a link to the 178-page AIR Report, "Assessing the Local Fiscal
Impact of HEA 1006."

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