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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ind. Courts - AG Zoeller appeals high fence hunting ruling to the COA

Here are some quotes from AG Zoeller's news release, issued today:

INDIANAPOLIS – Seeking clarity from the courts, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday filed a legal brief in an appeal of a lawsuit over who may regulate deer in high-fenced hunting enclosures.

As state government’s lawyer, the Attorney General’s Office represents the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in the appeal DNR et al. v. Whitetail Bluff LLC et al., filed in the Indiana Court of Appeals. The brief asks the appeals court reviewing a Harrison County trial court’s decision to find that the regulatory authority of the DNR applies both to publicly owned and privately owned wild animals, and find that the DNR can regulate a high-fenced hunting operation.

“Without a clear statute and with conflicting court rulings, additional clarity is needed from the appellate courts,” Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said.

The State’s brief asks the Indiana Court of Appeals to reverse the Harrison County Circuit Court’s summary judgment ruling of September 27, 2013, and underscore that the DNR has legal authority to regulate the hunting of deer in privately owned high-fenced facilities. Two separate trial court rulings – one in Owen County and the other in Harrison County – contradict each other and the State seeks a consistent appellate opinion applicable statewide.

The ILB has posted in the past both trial court rulings, from Harrison County and Owen Couty: they were summarized and linked at the end of this April 2nd post

Here is a copy of the State of Indiana's brief in DNR v. Whitetail Bluff, filed yesterday with the Indiana Court of Appeals.

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