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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Decatur Co. Courts to do security review;" required by Supreme Court

Rob Cox reports in the Greensburg Daily News:

GREENSBURG — On Tuesday morning, Circuit Court Judge Timothy Day and Decatur County Superior Judge Matthew Bailey reported to the Decatur County Council about the recent creation of the Decatur County Security Committee (DCSC).

According to Day, the Indiana Supreme Court has decreed that county courthouses around the state must establish local security committees and create a plan to detail each court’s security needs, the equipment and/or staff required and the most cost-effective way to implement those solutions.

The DCSC, Day told the Council, is required to submit finalized plans to the state at year’s end. “We’re going to hire a college student to help implement some of these things we need to do,” Day said. That student assistant, Day added, will be charged with looking for grant money to help implement required security measures and compiling dollar figures regarding the cost. * * *

According to recommendations made by the state, Day said, security at the local courthouse is “inadequate.” State recommendations include: Public access to the building through only one door; passage through a metal detector required at the public entrance; and one officer stationed at the public access way checking bags.

Of current Decatur County Courthouse security, Day noted, “We have a security officer in uniform patrolling the building. We have a panic button in judges’ offices, in the courts, and in the prosecutor’s office and in some other offices, I think; but short of that, we don’t have much other security.”

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