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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ind. Courts - Imprisoned William Conour seeks reimbursement from restitution fund

Adding to a long list of earlier ILB posts re William Conour, a former Indianapolis attorney now in prison, Tim Evans of the Indianapolis Star has this lengthy story today headed "Conour, behind bars, wants feds to pay him back nearly $200,000." A sample:

Indianapolis attorney Timothy Devereux, a former Conour associate who now represents some of Conour’s victims, said his clients have so far received only small amounts from the restitution fund. All of them, he said, are still waiting for full compensation.

In his new motion, which Conour filed independently and without knowledge of his court-appointed public defenders, he now contends his guilty plea to one count of wire fraud was tied to a single case. That means he is obligated to repay only that victim, who was due $450,000. By his calculation, Conour said, he has made full restitution and the government owes him $184,214 from the $634,214 that has been seized.

Devereux said Conour’s new claim runs counter to his statement in court last October.

“That is not an argument he made under oath at his sentencing,” he said. “He readily admitted they all were his victims.”

Three days after Conour filed the request seeking reimbursement of the $184,214, his two federal public defenders, Michael Donahoe and Joseph Cleary, asked Young for permission to withdraw from the case.

Donahoe declined to comment, but their motion notes that another federal public defender assigned to assist with Conour’s pending appeal also was granted permission earlier this month to withdraw from the case “based upon conflict” with Conour.

Conour’s new filing “further establishes the conflict that currently exists between Mr. Conour and the (Indiana Federal Community Defender),” the motion says. “Mr. Conour has continuously expressed his dissatisfaction with the representation provided by the IFCD and his attorneys of record.”

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