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Friday, May 16, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - More on "State Examiner calls for state police investigation of recording and release of audit exit conference"

Updating this post from this morning, with unfortunately sparse information, thanks to the reader who sent me this link to another news source for Evansville, WFIE 14. Their story, with video, is headed "Evansville City Council Vice President accused recording a confidential meeting." Some quotes from the story:


An Evansville City Council member is under fire, accused of recording a confidential meeting.

According to Evansville City Council President John Friend, city council vice president Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley is suspected of recording and then leaking the city's audit exit review.

According to Friend, the law prohibits the release of that recording until the report is officially released.

Friend tells 14News that a 3rd party e-mailed him and City Council Attorney Scott Danks with an excerpt of that recording.

Friend tells 14News, he hasn't spoken to Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, but says if it's confirmed that she leaked the recording he says, "Adjustments would have to be made." Friend went on to say that, "trust has been tarnished." * * *

State Board of Accounts officials say they will be pursing prosecution for the recording.

We're told the State Police have been asked to investigate.

ILB: No word yet as to what specific law would have been violated by the alleged recording of the meeting, or by the alleged leaking.

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