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Monday, June 02, 2014

Environment - "Indiana power plants set for pollution limits"

Maureen Groppe, Star Washington Bureau, has a lengthy story today on the new air requirements, accompanied by good graphics. The story begins:

WASHINGTON — Now that the Supreme Court has upheld federal attempts to address pollution that blows into other states, Indiana's power plants will have to meet new limits on emissions that help cause smog and soot.

Most power companies operating in Indiana say they're prepared to meet those limits. However, the federal government is set today to call for a separate, national 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide, the chief gas linked to global warming, from the nation's power plants. That will pose a new challenge for Indiana's plants, which produce the fourth-largest carbon dioxide emissions among states.

But the reductions in sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions signed off on by the high court appear largely achievable in Indiana because electric rates here have already risen, and were already expected to rise some more, in part to pay for pollution controls.

"With the equipment we've added, we're well-positioned and don't expect to have to make any further investments on our Indiana system to comply with" the rule about pollution traveling to other states, said Angeline Protegere, a spokeswoman for Duke Energy, which owns the most power plants in Indiana.

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