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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Concerns about Pence’s Obamacare alternative preceded FSSA chief’s ouster" [Updated]

Tony Cook of the Indianapolis Star reports the story ...

The dispute between Minott and Pence looks to have been over the timing of the rollout of the Governor's answer to Medicaid expansion, with the Governor, as well as "the state’s powerful hospital industry," calling for a launch on Jan. 1, 2015, and:

... Debra Minott, secretary of the Family and Social Services Administration, insisted to the Pence administration that the rollout of the health insurance program could not be done properly before April, according to sources close to those involved in the dispute. [ILB emphasis] * * *

Dan Evans, CEO of IU Health, the state’s largest hospital system, said he didn’t know the reasons for Minott’s departure, but he made it clear the hospital industry wants an early start date — preferably Jan. 1.

“The FSSA should be motivated to get this started as soon as it can,” he said. “The industry put as much pressure as it appropriately could on the state to get on with it. We were already a year late.”

The financing agreement with the hospital association says “the state will make every commercially reasonable effort to implement HIP 2.0 as soon as is practicable on or after January 1, 2015.”

A budget statement that is part of the state’s federal waiver request also refers to a “proposed effective date of the Medicaid Expansion (January 1, 2015).”

That differs from the April launch Minott referenced during a public appearance on Monday, the same day her dismissal became public.

ILB: This dispute immediately brings to mind the botched FSSA implementation of welfare changes during the last administration, about which the ILB has a long list of entries.

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