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Monday, June 16, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - More on: Governor's Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Conference on June 24 is by invitation only

Updating this ILB post from June 4th, John Ketzenberger has a column yesterday in the Indianapolis Star on the Tuesday, June 24th conference. It concludes:

The schedule, list of participants and other information is available here.

The public is also invited to send ideas and questions to a page at the same address or mail them to the revenue department’s office ahead of the conference. The information will be shared on the state’s website as it is received.

Since it was announced June 4, the conference has drawn some criticism for not being open to the public. Bob Dittmer, the revenue department’s spokesman, said the auditorium isn’t big enough for the public after invitations were sent to more than 60 legislators in both parties on the key fiscal committees and 200 others across the policy spectrum in Indiana who pay close attention to tax policy.

The media is invited, though, and the session is being recorded. Dittmer said it will be posted to the state’s website the day of the conference.

Government is criticized for generating a lot of activity that produces little action, and it’s possible nothing will come of this conference. Simplifying the state’s tax structure is too important not to try, however, and the organizers have worked hard on this project.

Much of the disenchantment we see with government, I think, is rooted in frustration over the state and federal tax systems. If we can make the state’s tax structure simpler, people will have more confidence they’re paying a fair share of the tax. Indiana will be a stronger, more competitive state if legislators and others in the government can make that happen.

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