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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - Intent of the drafters of the current constitutional provision re the Superintendent of Public Instruction

The ILB has seen several references recently to this ILB post from Dec. 5, 2012, discussing the thinking behind the change to Art. 8, Sec. 8 of the Indiana Constitution, ratified by the voters in 1972.

From 1851 to 1972, the provision provided that the General Assembly should "provide for the election" of the State Superintendent of Public instruction.

The new language, ratified in Nov., 1972, provides that the Superintendent's "method of selection, tenure, duties and compensation shall be prescribed by law."

The 2012 ILB post then goes on to quote at length from the report of the drafters of the constitutional change, the 1969 Constitutional Revision Commission, including:

Effect of the Proposed Amendment

The effect of the Commission's proposed amendment to Article 8, section 8, would be to grant to the General Assembly the authority, should it choose to exercise it, to change the term of office and/or the method of selection of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Should the General Assembly choose to exercise the authority to change the length of the term of office of the Superintendent, it is most likely that the term would be lengthened to four years. Such a lengthening of term seems most advisable to the members of the Commission.

Should the General Assembly choose to change the method of selection of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, it seems likely that the change would be from state-wide election to appointment, either by an elected state board of education created by the General Assembly, or by the Governor. Such a change would serve to insure that the head of our State's educational system would be a person qualified in the areas of education and administration.

See the 2012 post itself for more.

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