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Friday, July 18, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Lake County to snitch on reckless drivers to insurance firms"

Bill Dolan reported yesterday in the NWI Times in a story that begins:

CROWN POINT | Lake County officials are now in the business of sharing residents' latest traffic violations with their insurance companies.

The Lake County Board of Commissioners approved an agreement Wednesday to sell court records to an East Coast data-mining firm that, in turn, will supply it to insurers that use it to impose surcharges on reckless drivers.

Mark Pearman, executive director of county government's information technology department, said Driver's History Information of Cherry Hill, N.J., becomes the third private company authorized to extract bulk data from the county's electronic court database.

He said Driver's History will pay a one-time $1,000 fee to initially tap into the records system, $1,500 a month for continuing records access and 10 cents for every one it pulls over a 1,500-records limit per month.

All other data-mining firms have been paying a similar rate for years. The money goes into a fund used to support the court's electronic record system.

Later in the story:
Pearman said the State Court Administrator must approve any private firm wishing to extract data from Indiana courts as well as approval from local judges and county officials.

Chief Lake Superior Court Judge John Pera said Wednesday he is satisfied the Driver's History agreement conforms with state law.

He said the firm only has access to public records anyone could request and see in the county clerk's office. He said no private records or identification numbers are released.

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