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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Ind. Law - More on: Most 2014 laws now in effect, but not online

The ILB reported yesterday:

It is July 1st, 2014. Most laws passed in the 2014 session of the General Assembly went into effect today. However, it does not appear that the copy of the Indiana Code available on the General Assembly website has been updated. * * *

This is the only source of the Indiana Code for most people.

Later yesterday:
The Indiana Code is now updated with the 2014 legislation, but inexplicably it is labeled as the 2015 Code!
Today it appears that the 2015 problem has been taken care of. Here it is, with the helpful heading: "Current Indiana Code as of the 2014 Regular Session and Technical Session."

Through the drop-down box to the upper right, you can also access the 2013 Indiana Code. The heading in this case warns the reader: "You are currently browsing an archived version of the Indiana Code. Use the drop-down in the bar above to switch to the current Indiana Code." This warning appears at the top of every title, article and chapter.

That addition of the warning is very useful. One suggestion would be also to post what year of the Code you have accessed. (Otherwise the only way I know to find out is to do as I did yesterday, when I found the Cite Table from, in that case, 2014, and checked history lines against the cite table.)

The archived earlier versions of the Indiana Code, going back to 2009, are located here, as before.

The online Indiana Code is, as stated earlier, the only source of the Indiana Code for most people. In addition, it is the source of many private compilations of the Indiana Code. But it is not the official version of the law. My understanding is that the official version of the laws of each session is that year's edition of the Acts of Indiana, which are certified to contain the exact text of the Enrolled Acts of that year.

The official version of the Indiana Code is the published, paper version, available in various libraries. It contains a certification page that its contents have been compared against the Enrolled Acts. In cases of discrepancy, the latter prevail.

In the past, when the LSA produced an online HTML version of the Indiana Code, there was opportunity for errors to creep in during the conversion. Currently, LSA is only posting a PDF version, which presumably is taken directly from the printed version, but there are still additional steps involved.

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