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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ind. Courts - Allen County’s courts left to fill void as many retire

As the ILB has reported (most recently here, from Aug. 5th) about Lake County also holds true for Allen County, as Rebecca S. Green reported at length Sunday in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Some quotes:

Among them, there is more than 100 years of knowledge walking out of the Allen County Courthouse door.

Knowledge about who said or did what to whom, where the files are kept, what judge ruled on what case in what year, and how to get people to the right room for the right case at the right time – all the stuff that keeps the Superior Court system humming along largely without incident.

Friday marked the last day on the job for Brenda O’Riordan and Deb King. Over the next two weeks, Jerry Noble, Gloria Perez and Rose Moya will also leave.

Circuit Court is losing a few as well, including Nancee Linn, the former Adams County clerk who has helped Judge Tom Felts keep his side of the building running smoothly.

Most of the retirements are the results of changes in Indiana’s Public Employee Retirement Fund, which reduced the interest rate on its annuities, both going forward and retroactively. That means around the state many public employees are putting in their papers earlier than they wanted in order to try to save retirement money in the long run. * * *

Chief Judge of Allen Superior Court Wendy Davis said the department members of the staff have such a deep understanding of the judiciary, especially Noble, that it will leave a noticeable hole.

Friday was a bittersweet day on the third floor of the Allen County Courthouse, as attorneys, courthouse staff, police officers and others who may have ever encountered King and O’Riordan made their way by their offices to say goodbye.

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