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Monday, August 04, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Beefing up security at the courthouse"

From the Crawfordsville Journal Review Online, Bob Cox reported July 29th - some quotes:

Montgomery County Commissioners are moving forward with plans that will address security and American Disability Act issues at the county courthouse along with improving the courthouse parking lot. DLZ Engineering was contracted to develop a design for the property improvements Monday at the regularly scheduled commissioners meeting.

The advertised issue on the commissioner’s agenda brought several to the Monday meeting. Commission president Phil Bane started the discussion explaining how the commissioners had gotten to the point of contracting engineering services.

“It is no longer 1960,” Bane said. “Our goal is not to impede access to our building, but rather to provide a safe environment for our citizens to conduct business.”

Bane said a security issue that happened 18 months ago prompted the formation of a security committee. Security issue discussions then turned into ADA issues which in turn brought the parking lot into the discussions. * * *

Montgomery Superior Court Judge David Ault spoke in favor of the project. He showed attendees a large assortment of weapons that had been confiscated from persons entering the courthouse. He also said security should start with reducing security threats.

“We have several examples of security failures,” Ault said. “What we are talking about is not if, but when. We are talking about threat management or how we deal with know and unknown threats.”

Ault said he organized the first county security team in 1992 and he believes the county is way behind in terms of protecting patrons in the courthouse.

“We have an opportunity to improve and diffuse the security issues,” Ault said. “The time has come and there is no room for political posturing. It is the right thing and the time is now.”

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