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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Indiana DNR calls scientific heavy hitters to captive-deer hearing"

That is the headline to a long story this morning by Ryan Sabalow of the Indianapolis Star. It begins:

For years, the state agency with the most at stake in the ongoing legislative debate over what to do about the disease-prone captive-deer industry has been largely silent.

Instead, the loudest voices lawmakers heard were from hunting-preserve owners and deer farmers who have lobbied hard against any effort to strongly regulate the industry because they say it will hurt rural Hoosier economies.

That's going to change on Tuesday.

Officials at Indiana's Department of Natural Resources have asked four out-of-state wildlife disease experts to testify before the 14-member Agriculture and Natural Resources Interim Study Committee.

One of the experts is among the foremost federal authorities on chronic wasting disease, an infectious brain disease that's always fatal to deer and that's been found in 22 states. The disease — and the extent to which the captive deer industry is responsible for its spread — is a significant point of contention in the debate over how strongly the industry should be regulated.

The DNR's move is significant because in recent years its officials have not testified before lawmakers as they have debated legislation favorable to Indiana's hunting preserve and deer-farming industry.

Don't miss reading the entire story.

Here is the link to the 2-page agenda to today's meeting, which begins at 10 AM. You should be able to watch the meeting live at that time via the "Watch Live" link available here.

The ILB has had many earlier entries on captive-deer hunting.

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