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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - More on "Special prosecutor says Brinkerhoff-Riley did not violate law"

This ILB post from July 31st includes the State Board of Accounts' reported reaction to "the confidentiality of exit conferences only applies to the auditor or examiner and not attendees." Sean Edmondson reported for WFIE14 Evansville:

State Examiner Paul Joyce says as a result of the Brinkerhoff-Riley case there will be "a lot of changes."

Joyce says he will no longer allow any council members at the exit conference for cities. The only person allowed will be the person audited.

But as Andrea Howe reported yesterday in a Princeton Daily Clarion story that begins:
There’s a State Board of Accounts audit conference scheduled Monday morning, and Princeton Mayor Bob Hurst believes he should be there.

Hurst said Saturday he objects to the state agency’s reaction Thursday to Special Prosecutor Rob Krieg’s decision not to seek criminal charges against an Evansville city councilwoman who secretly recorded an Evansville audit conference earlier this spring.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that SBA Chief State Examiner Paul Joyce plans to limit participation in those audit conferences to clerk/treasurers or city clerks, as a reaction to Krieg’s findings.

Princeton’s mayor said he’s participated in nine previous audit exit conferences, and believes he should be there because he can provide information that field examiners need.

Hurst said he’s contacted other mayors and the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns to raise objections to Joyce’s decision, which he likened to “sticking a pencil in my eye.”

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