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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ind. Courts - "At IU McKinney today for this year’s Government Practice Section Debate. 2014 topic: Judicial Selection"

For those of you who didn't follow this on Twitter, @IndyBar has tweeted from a debate today between former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Ted Boehm and Tom John of Ice Miller. Here are the tweets, read in reverse order. Check out the photos.

Big thanks to Justice Boehm, Tom John & Judge Oakes. Great display of civility while discussing a hot topic! pic.twitter.com/pwrgzn3f9E

In addition to our esteemed debaters, great questions are coming in from former Justice Sullivan, Judge Baker & variety of top notch attys.

John: Need more confidence in judiciary? Require more disclosure. Judges unlikely to jeopardize careers over small donations from lawyers

Boehm: Current system won’t survive constitutional attack bc it places meaningful vote only in the hands of those who associate with a party

John: if your premise is that election system is a bad process, shouldn’t the judges it produces also be bad? Not the case in Marion county

Now Tom John gets his shot, presenting the case for electing judges. pic.twitter.com/1bNTXFwolR

Boehm: elections cause judges to be in the business of raising money. Who do they raise money from? Lawyers.

Justice Boehm is up first, arguing for merit selection. pic.twitter.com/Hf0QGswARx

Judge Tim Oakes introduces today's debaters: former Sup Ct Justice Ted Boehm & Tom John of Ice Miller. pic.twitter.com/lHAGGyW7Yl

We’re at @IUMcKinney today for this year’s Government Practice Section Debate. 2014 topic: Judicial Selection.

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