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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Changes in Marion County Courts and Other Observations"

Marion County Superior Court Judge Tim Oakes has written this article for the Indianapolis Bar Association. The information supplements that in this ILB post from Sept. 5 and this one from Sept. 8th.

Judge Oakes article also talks about the IndyBar judicial surveys. He writes in part:

[M]ost sitting judges have been rated well by those participating in the surveys. We now have slightly more sitting judges scoring above 90 percent on the recommended-to-serve portion than at any other time in the last 15 years. The difference is not that large to show a trend, but more of the Marion County judges are scoring above 90 percent recommended now than ever before. * * *

I cannot recall seeing other surveys that rank their judges as well as the Marion County judiciary. There are always exceptions, but it is good to know that IndyBar surveys generally show that an increasing number of lawyers hold our Marion County judiciary in an increasingly favorable opinion.

ILB: For those unfamiliar with the Indianapolis Bar survey, here are the 2014 survey results. Recall that the judges run staggered 6-year terms, so only some of the seats were up for election in 2014. And here are the questions the participants are asked to consider about each candidate.

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