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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Idea of Indiana paying public defenders stirs debate"; Meeting Monday on Juvenile Justice

Supplementing this Sept. 22nd ILB post headed "Battle over public defender funding in Cass County" is this brief AP story last evening that reported:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The salaries of Indiana judges and prosecutors are paid by the state, but public defenders who stand up for the poor are paid in a hodgepodge of ways by counties that receive only a partial reimbursement for their costs.

Indiana Public Defender Council Executive Director Larry Landis thinks it's time to pay public defenders the same way prosecutors are paid. The idea surfaced in a legislative committee meeting Monday.

House Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown says he's open to the idea if it can gain broad support.

But the state paying the salaries of public defenders that represent those who can't afford to hire their own attorney may be an idea whose time hasn't quite arrived. Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley says the state simply doesn't have the money.

Monday the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code held a meeting devoted mostly to juvenile matters. A look at its agenda shows a wealth of interesting speakers and topics. However, currently no exhibits, minutes or archived video are available for this meeting, or the Sept. 15th meeting. Apparently the interested public is out of luck.

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