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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Purdue insists Wartell case files be kept secret"

Updating this ILB post from yesterday, quoting from an Aug. 30th Fort Wayne Journal Gazette story by Rebecca S. Green, headed "Purdue rebuffed on points of lawsuit," the same reporter has another long story today. Some quotes from the start of the long story:

Having lost every effort so far to keep the so-called “Trimble Report” under wraps, Purdue University’s attorneys are now seeking a protective order in the case stemming from the 2011 removal of IPFW Chancellor Mike Wartell.

On Tuesday, the school’s attorneys asked a federal court judge to allow them to keep the report secret, or at least parts of it, because of its sensitive investigative nature and argue again that it is protected by attorney-client privilege.

It appears, according to the proposed protective order, the document would be disclosed only to the parties in the lawsuit and kept from anyone else.

But the attorney-client privilege argument hasn’t held up well in previous attempts to keep the report from Wartell’s attorneys in the battle over the former chancellor’s forced retirement.

And their federal request that it not be disclosed to the public is in direct opposition to a state-level ruling that the document is a public record.

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