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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Ind. Decisions - More on "Purdue rebuffed in Wartell case: Justices let stand ruling declaring report to be public"

Commentary on the Wartell case continues with this column today by Dave Bangert of the Lafayette Journal-Courier, headed "What does Purdue have to hide in IPFW case?," that begins:

Did former Purdue University President France Córdova point to a picture of Michael Wartell, then the Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne chancellor, and say: "I am going to replace this one with a woman"?

Wartell, pushed from his job in 2011, says yes. Purdue, defending against a pair of lawsuits from Wartell, says that wasn't the case.

Either way, the situation is the gift that keeps on giving, still providing fresh episodes in Purdue's effort to make a bad situation go away two years after Córdova retired as president. * * *

What skeletons are in that public document closet are anybody's guess. Just know that if Purdue is fighting this hard, the details are going to be juicy.

The column concludes:
Last week, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette editorialized, "Eventually, Purdue will run out of legal tricks, and the 'Trimble Report' will become public. Too bad the time, energy and money spent on fighting its release couldn't have been spent on, say, education."

Whether that's true or just wishful thinking, we'll find out soon. Don't underestimate the ability of Purdue to keep things bottled up. It's legend by now. (This is a school that successfully scheduled a public trustees meeting at O'Hare Airport — not a room in O'Hare, but just at the third-busiest airport in the U.S. — to discuss the eventual hiring of Daniels and got away with it.)

But working this hard to protect the secrets in that report does as much to confirm suspicions of the put-upon at IPFW as anything else Purdue could do. [Link inserted by ILB]

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