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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Editorial: Eric Turner, and the growth of cynicism"

The Indianapolis Star ran this editorial this weekend. It begins:

Somewhere in the recesses of the Indiana Statehouse there must be a dark room where deep-rooted cynicism grows like mold in a dank basement. How else to explain the steady string of self-serving, infuriating acts that leak out of the state Capitol year after year?

The most recent example is ethically challenged state Rep. Eric Turner’s announcement this month that he will resign from the Indiana House shortly after November’s election if he wins another term.

Turner, R-Cicero, plans to take a job with a Georgia-based Christian ministry. But only after he asks voters in his heavily Republican district to support him one last time.

If Turner wins, which remains a distinct possibility because of the longtime lawmaker’s name recognition, financial support and get-out-the-vote network, a group of Republican insiders will then pick his replacement. That designated-lawmaker would have nearly two years to take advantage of the tools of incumbency before ever having to face voters.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on September 29, 2014 04:14 PM
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