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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - More on: Yet another major BMV collection error, this one found by BMV

Updating this ILB post from yesterday, Tony Cook and Justin L. Mack have this story today in the Indianapolis Star. This quote is of interest:

Gov. Mike Pence has also authorized [BMV Commissioner Don] Snemis to hire an independent consulting firm to audit the BMV’s processes, procedures and STARS system. That move comes on top of an independent fee review the agency ordered last year.
The ILB recalls the earlier review. This Sept. 30, 2013 post quotes a Jon Murray story about the results of the earlier review, including:
Indianapolis law firm Barnes and Thornburg conducted the review of all fees following the BMV’s acknowledgment of the driver’s license overcharges.

“That review showed just how complex the statutes that govern fees are, and we found several errors that have led to both undercharges and overcharges on a number of fees,” Waddell said in the news release. “The BMV has taken immediate steps to address any overcharges by crediting affected motorists’ accounts and has corrected all overcharged fees going forward.”

Gillespie declined The Star’s request for a copy of Barnes and Thornburg’s fee study, saying it was protected by attorney-client privilege.

This Oct. 2, 2013 ILB post includes this quote from a Fort Wayne Journal Gazette editorial:
There’s also the $55,000 cost of hiring an Indianapolis law firm to conduct a study, a copy of which the BMV refused to give to the Indianapolis Star, citing attorney-client privilege.
ILB: So will the results of this new review be publicly accessible? And what about the earlier B&T review?

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