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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "State files licensing action against four Indiana physicians for violations of abortion record-keeping, advice and consent laws"

Some quotes from a press release this afternoon from Attorney General Zoeller's office:

INDIANAPOLIS – Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s Office today filed administrative licensing complaints with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board against four physicians for violations of abortion record-keeping and advice and consent laws. The complaints ask the board to consider appropriate disciplinary action against the medical licenses of these doctors operating in Lake, St. Joseph and Marion counties. * * *

Indiana law requires physicians performing abortion procedures to submit terminated pregnancy reports to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) for statistical purposes and comply with other advice and consent requirements and record-keeping requirements.

Most of the complaints appear to be against Dr. Ulrich Klopfer of South Bend. However:
The AG’s Office also filed administrative licensing complaints today against Dr. Resad Pasic, Dr. Kathleen Glover and Dr. Raymond Robinson, all of whom perform abortion procedures in Marion County and are in alleged violation of similar record-keeping and advice and consent laws regarding abortion procedures.

The AG’s Office requests a disciplinary hearing in the cases filed today, but the doctors’ licenses to practice remain active until further action by the licensing board.

There appears to be quite a bit of paperwork now required in conducting these doctors' practices, for example:
Klopfer filed pregnancy-termination reports with ISDH on 1,818 abortion procedures he performed between July 2012 and November 2013, but the complaint notes that all 1,818 reports were incomplete and incorrect in some way. Each report contained on average four omissions or errors involving medical and statistical information that must be reported to ISDH for statistical purposes. For example, all of Klopfer’s reports failed to identify the name or age of the father, offering a prepopulated response of “unknown” instead.
The statute involved is IC 16-34-2, Requirements for Performance of Abortion; Criminal Penalties.

Here is the complete press release.

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