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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - The state budgeting process for the 2015-2017 state budget is underway

Looking back at the 2013-2015 budget, one can access the initial requests of many of the agencies here.

For 2015-2017, all that is available online right now are the instructions sent out to the state agencies. The cover letter states that "it is imperative that agency budget requests be fully and timely completed by Friday, August 29 to assist in Governor Pence's submission of the next biennial State budget in the 2015 legislative session." The budgets are submitted electronically.

What happens next is detailed in this description of the budget preparation process on the State Budget Agency website (I have highlighted the time when I would anticipate public access to the agency submissions):

Budget Request Submission.

The budget process begins during even-numbered years with the State Budget Agency issuing Biennial Budget Instructions to state agencies. The instructions provide guidance to state agencies in submitting requests for funding. Each state agency prepares and submits a budget request, which includes a Current Services Budget, representing the cost of maintaining agency services at current levels. The budget submission may also contain New Services Requests, covering proposed increases, Capital Project Requests, covering one-time expenditures for the construction and maintenance of state facilities. In addition, the budget submission may include internal reallocations and budget reductions.

Budget Agency Review

The Budget Agency reviews the submitted budget requests and formulates recommendations. Budget review includes a detailed analysis of agency programs, operational performance, changes in population and cost trends, and other factors related to the efficient, effective use of public resources. The Budget Director discusses the analyses and recommendations, including any variances, with the Governor. The requests are adjusted as approved by the Governor, and then presented to the Budget Committee.

The Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is composed of four legislators – one Democrat and one Republican from both the House of Representatives and the Senate – and the Director of the Budget Agency. The Budget Committee holds public hearings with state agencies to outline their budget requests. After the hearings are completed and future revenue estimates are presented via the Revenue Forecast, the committee makes a single, comprehensive budget recommendation to the Governor.

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