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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ind. Courts - "Conflict of Interest Complaint Targets Spencer Co. Prosecutor"

Kayla Moody reports today in a long story on TriStatehomepage.com. Some quotes:

Senior pictures are a glimpse down memory lane, often a look back at a different time in one's life. Such is the case for two photos circulating around Facebook pages in Spencer County. The photos, depicting convicted felon Michael Ray Cannon and Prosecutor Kelly Corne in her final year of high school, have gone viral among locals.

"They're my senior photos from 1988-1989. I will be 44 next month," said Corne, adding she's tired of seeing negative accusations baring her name circulate Facebook.

It has been 26 since the pictures were taken, most of which Cannon spent inside a prison cell. According to the Indiana Department of Correction, he did hard time for robbery, possession of a controlled substance and escaping jail. He and Corne were high school sweethearts, a story that fueled a letter sent to the Spencer County Circuit Court in May alleging a conflict of interest. '

Corne prosecuted Cannon for possession of methamphetamine in 2012.

"It is hard in a county this small not to run across people that you have prior relationships with. Now, I understand that we dated but, again, that was 26 years ago. We have both moved on with our lives and in very different directions," said Corne. "I do not believe equals a conflict in 2012." * * *

Corne's democratic challenger, Dan Wilkinson, says he's heard about the allegations but adds he isn't putting much stock into the claims.

"In general I would say if there is a conflict or some kind of close relationship with a defendant the best thing to do is to request a special prosecutor ... I'm more focused on the issues that I care and that I hear about, which is the performance of the prosecutor's office," said Wilkinson, pointing to data he used in a recent blog post critical of his opponent.

Tina Motteler, who sent "the letter to the circuit court, says she filed a complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission, which investigates lawyer misconduct."

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