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Friday, October 10, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Gay marriage becomes routine in Indiana", but problems with the JTAC Marriage License Database remain

WISH-TV is reporting this evening that gay marriage is "no longer the novelty it was when a court ruling made gay marriage legal for three days in June." More:

Cronley Hurt and Joe Cottrell showed up to get a marriage license Friday. They wanted to get married in June and missed the opportunity. * * *

In three days in June more than 500 same sex couples lined up to get a marriage license in Marion County. About 450 wedding ceremonies were conducted in the City County Building.

This week, fewer than 50 same sex couples have requested marriage licenses here and there is no waiting.

“When the decision came down on Monday we had more members of the press here than we actually had couples,” said Clerk Beth White, “because they finally could say, ‘OK, let’s get married and do it the way we wanted to do it and not the way the courts or others have said we have to do it.”

“It does. It feels normal,” said Megrath. “Marriage is just marriage now.”

ILB: Featured in the story are Cronley Hurt and Joe Cottrell. Recall this ILB post from Wed. headed "'State tweaking marriage license forms to remove gender references' But problems remain." The ILB wrote that: "Although the application forms are now correct, this is only the tip of the iceberg," describing how you could not look up any of the "June window" same-sex marriages in the Marriage License Database unless you knew which member of the couple to look for under "bride" and which one under "groom."

The same applies today, although the applications have been revised to ask for Applicant #1 and Applicant #2. The ILB looked for Cronley Hurt by putting his name in the Marriage License Database search form under "Groom". "Hurt, Cronley" did not turn up. It was only when the ILB searched for his name under "Bride" that he and his spouse showed up in the returns. So the "Applicant 1" and "Applicant 2" names now on the forms is just a cosmetic fix, it does not solve the larger issues affected the database.

Until the database is fixed, the ILB would urge that the "Search Tips" in the right column of the search form be revised to explain how to locate same-sex couples; that if you did not get a return under "Groom," search again under "Bride."

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