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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - More on: "Bosma not talking about gay marriage now"

That heading is from an Oct. 7th ILB post. But this evening Dan Carden reports in the NWI Times:

The most controversial issue of the 2014 legislative session will not even be up for debate next year.

House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, declared Tuesday the Republican-controlled chamber will not consider House Joint Resolution 3, a proposal to add the state's ban on gay marriage to the Indiana Constitution.

"Until the United States Supreme Court draws a different conclusion, I'd say it's dead," Bosma said. * * *

Bosma said he has heard from at least one lawmaker now interested in enacting a "religious freedom" amendment guaranteeing churches and business owners could deny access to Hoosiers they object to serving on religious grounds.

He said that is not a priority for him and is unsure whether it's even needed.

"It's a difficult issue. I really don't have an opinion on it yet, other than I'm sure it's an issue that someone will bring forward in the coming session," Bosma said. "We'll just have to talk about it and decide if it's the right thing for our state or not."

Unlike states where businesses have been fined for firing gay employees or refusing to serve gay customers, Indiana law does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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