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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ind. Gov't. - "Two new services for obtaining digital records at the Allen County recorder's office."

Some quotes from the story by Vivian Sade in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

Allen County Commissioners agreed Friday to add two new services for obtaining digital records at the county recorder's office.

The new services will hopefully increase the number of users by offering a lesser monthly subscription price than in the past for online document retrieval services, said Chief Deputy Recorder Anita Mather.

The recorder's office has records dating back to 1816 and provides access to numerous types of documents, including home deeds and mortgages, military discharges, property plats and title insurance.

Before the new services were offered, the minimum subscriber service was $50 a month for up to 250 minutes of use.

The new $25 subscription is designed for patrons who use the services up to for up to 100 minutes a month, Mather said.

The less expensive subscription should attract those who use the services on a regular basis, but do not need the larger subscription, she said.

“Attorneys would be a good example,” she said.

The move should also increase revenue about $5,000 annually, from $70,000 to $75,000, Mather said.

The second new service is targeted toward any company that wishes to purchase multiple subscriptions.

Subscribers can now add additional subscriptions for $100 a month.

“Before they had to pay the regular price of $250 for the unlimited service and for each add-on, so now if they want to add a second (subscription), they will pay $350 instead of $500,” Mather said.

Title companies are an example of the type of patron who frequently uses the unlimited-minutes service and utilizes more than one subscription, she said.

The Allen County Recorder's Office also has:
... an on-demand service designed for occasional users. Users pay $5.95 per search and 75 cents per page for each document PRINTED. Documents can be viewed at no charge. No user agreement is required and there is no recurring expense other than search and document charges.

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