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Monday, December 29, 2014

Ind. courts - "Kansas courts weigh response to frivolous litigants: Proposed guidelines offer judges path to handling malicious pleadings

This Dec. 28th story by Tim Carpenter in the Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

The Kansas Supreme Court invited public comment on a new set of guidelines for judges grappling with frequent-filer litigants who submit repetitive, malicious or frivolous pleadings.
From later in the long story:
The draft said Kansas judges involved in family law had voiced concern about abusive litigants who directed disruptive filings at judges and others. Kansas case law has provided little guidance on how judges might address behavior of individuals disrupting pending cases.

The Indiana Supreme Court
recently addressed disruptive actions in lower courts by offering options for curbing abusive behavior. A judge could order frivolous filers to pay attorney fees or to post a substantial appeal bond. The courts could limit the length of pleadings or the number of exhibits.
ILB: See this ILB post from Sept. 30th, and this one from Oct. 1st.

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